Great Ayton Landscaping

The project involved a redesign of the rear garden using Marshalls Fairstone Sawn Paving but also adding curves to give a softer look. Wooden sleepers were used as retainers & added a natural touch.


Hartlepool Landscaping

This project won both best large patio transformation and best engineering achievement at the Marshalls Register Awards 2014. Use of the existing levels but excavating to make a larger patio area and a circle with wraparound wall to create a feature. The materials used were Marshalls standard riven sandstone and Tegula walling.


Maltby Landscaping

The project involved a redesign of the rear garden, the customers brief was a large entertainment area incorporating a swimming pool & hot tub. We fitted the pool and hot tub with Trex composite deck surround. The large patio was Fairstone Sawn Paving and Walling with a built in outdoor kitchen.


Maltby Driveway

This job consisted of the lifting an old tired driveway & widening by 1 m. Laying a two colour Marshalls Tegula driveway including jumper blocks. Leading to a pathway using Marshalls Sawn Sandstone paving with bullnose step


Heighington Landscaping

This project involved a full makeover of the poorly constructed original rear garden. We made a larger lower paved area as the original design made you feel like the garden was almost on top of you as you exited the rear door. The upper level was created with a small patio for the sun and a artificial turf lawn. The walling was constructed using Marshalls Tegula with a planter incorporated to give a softer look as the upper level was 2 meters high. Wrought ironwork was added to the upper wall at a later date to create a safer environment for the children to play.


Marton Landscaping

This project involved the removal of the original tarmac drive and flagged pathways we laid a circular design Marshalls Argent block driveway with contrasting edge with a curved pathway leading to the front door. A pathway leading to the rear of the property was constructed in black limestone paving and a new Rolawn turf lawn was laid.


Redcar Landscaping

This project was a redesign of the rear garden but had to reflect the design of the newly installed kitchen as when the bi-fold doors were opened they wished to create one large entertaining space. The use of exterior porcelain tiles were used to match the kitchen floor and were also laid at the same level to create a seamless, flowing look. A Trex composite deck was installed with a contrasting edge to give a softer and warmer feel around the hot tub. The job was finished with a circular lawn and planting.


School Aycliffe Landscaping

This project was a redesign of the traditional garden. We cleared the site and created a dual layered effect from the original sloping site. A large randon sized Marshalls slate patio was laid with stepping stone pathway leading through pebbles to a circular patio with a pergola & trelliswork. The raised lawn was created using Marshalls Tegula kerbs and a large slate monolith water feature added to create movement & focal point within the garden.


Stokesley Landscaping

This project was a redesign of the front garden and widening of the driveway. A circular Marshalls Argent driveway was constructed with contrasting edge leading to a silver granite pathway. Construction of a new permeter wall with sandstone copings. The job was softened with a new shaped lawn and planting. Winning Marhshalls regional award for ‘Best Driveway Transformation 2013.’


Stokesley Rear Landscaping

A redesign of the patio using Marshalls Eclipse graphite granite paving to reflect the dark fitted bifold doors and windows. We fitted a bubbling rock and stream to create movement and interest finally softening with Planting.